Data Policy

The datasets archived on this site are contributed by individual scientists and institutes. They have been quality-controlled by the site investigators, and in most cases have been published in peer-reviewed journals. To encourage data-mining collaboration, we ask that prior to data downloading you email the site investigators your intent on how you may use the data.

SWVID Data Policy

We  adopted the data use policy of FLUXNET for SWVID. Data users and data contributors are encouraged to adhere to this policy. 

Inform the scientist(s) who contributed the data how you plan to use the data and of any publication plans.

Initiate contact with the data contributor, so that they have the opportunity to contribute substantively and as a result to be a co-author.

Acknowledge the data by citing the relevant DOI or paper(s), and/or acknowledging funding for the site support. If the data download was not accompanied by the preferred acknowledgment language, ask the site principal investigator.

When you contribute data to the Network, you agree that these data will be made available to the global user community under the Data Use Policy (above).